If I haven’t written here as much lately, perhaps it’s because I feel constrained from public discussion of many of the topics which are currently preoccupying me. There’s an election coming up, and I’ve got opinions, but I’m afraid to express them. Whoever wins, FOLC will have to work with

Using Flickr for Neighborhood Activism

Some of my neighbors have been bickering, er, I mean debating about Comiskey Park here in Mid-City. The basketball goals that used to be there were taken down when an television production company made plans to rebuild the park for a reality show. That didn’t pan out in the long

Presidential Visitation

President Obama is visiting New Orleans today, so here’s a mix (warning: some dirty lyrics). This is a silly thematic mix. The associations are simple and obvious and not necessarily germane to today’s visit. Some of the tracks are about Bush. And just to avoid any confusion (and, hopefully, any

Short Notice

Just got this via e-mail. Here’s an opportunity for some New Orleanians to go to Washington DC in support of the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act. Short notice but this is something I believe in. I wish I could go! But I can’t. Maybe you can? Please spread the word,

Creep Factor

Here’s a nasty tale of corporate intrigue. First, check out this editorial from the Urban Conservancy about the Walgreens which is being built at Carrollton and Canal. I used to serve on the board of the Urban Conservancy, as well as Mid-City Neighborhood Organization; I was contacted for input on

Gulf Coast Rally

I got a press release about an interesting event coming up on the fourth anniversary of Katrina. My comments follow. Gulf Coast Rally to Demand Speaker Pelosi Take Action on 4th Anniversary of Katrina This Friday supporters of the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act (HR 2269) will gather for a

Dear General Zia

This is the second installment of three sample documents dredged up from my old Brother WP-500 disks. I think this letter more or less explains itself. I wrote a number of such letters, inspired by author Bruce West, and in fact that was my original motivation for purchasing the WP-500

Don’t Put My Name in It!

I wasn’t going to post anything about the current e-mail foofaraw down at City Hall, because I figured I didn’t have anything to say about it. I don’t aim to just regurgitate news from other sources here. I write about my life. Of course, the headlines that I read daily

Tightly Bridled Optimism

It’s stunning for me to realize: Today is a great day in American history. I can recall plenty of dark days. September 11th and Hurricane Katrina come immediately to mind. But I’ve been racking my mind to come up with a day on which I felt a sense of pride

“Don’t tell me the federal response was slow”

Rather than express my obligatory outrage over Bush’s remarks yesterday on Hurricane Katrina, I’ll simply link to Darwin Bond Graham’s rather excellent rebuttal.

Malik’s Money

We got our Malik Rahim campaign sign, and it is proudly on display in front of our house. I chatted with Christian Roselund a bit when he dropped the sign off. He informed me that Malik’s candidacy has caught the attention of many Greens across the country. Some of them

A Letter from Malik

I’m passing the mic to Malik Rahim who has sent out the following campaign letter. — B November 19, 2008 Dear friends in the struggle, As you may be aware, I am seeking election to the United States House of Representatives on December 6. I apologize in advance for the


So William Jefferson won the Democratic Party primary Tuesday, beating out Helena Moreno. But we will have to go back to the polls to vote on this race a third time in December for the actual election. We could save plenty of money and avoid a lot of hassle if


I guess what amazes me the most is that Indiana went for Obama. Indiana, which in the 1920s had “the largest, most enthusiastic, and most politically powerful Klan in the country.” Indiana, where I went to high school in the 1980s with active robe-wearing Klansmen. Indiana, home of the Humanoid

I Did It

Well, I did it. I broke my promise. I crossed party lines and voted for Obama this morning. Back in 1992 I voted for Clinton. (Not that my vote counted, because all of Indiana’s electors went to Bush the First.) I was so disappointed with him, I felt I’d been

Voting Voting Voting

Got my sample ballot. Let me take a look at this thing. Fourteen items all told.

And Yet…

I’ve articulated some of my thoughts on the election, yet I see I have left some important stuff out. For one thing, although I’ve been mildly disgusted by this presidential campaign, I’m actually less disgusted by the two major candidates than in any race I can remember. Some friends have

Truncated Scale

A friend recently commented on how our country is politically polarized. Yes, I feel that — but I also feel that many of us are apathetic and alienated from the political process. How could these both be true? It seems contradictory, paradoxical. Perhaps the answer, or part of it, has


“All two-valued systems are false.” — Gene Wolfe Consider the left-right continuum of political thought. It often strikes me as tired and played-out. Yet at other times it seems quite relevant. It certainly is one-dimensional, by definition, and thus it can’t begin to reflect the rich variation and nuances of

Old Men Just Start the Wars

This Beetle Bailey strip ran a couple weeks ago and caught my eye for a couple reasons. 1) Beetle and Plato appear to be under fire. This strip never depicts war situations. The characters are in perpetual training, and never actually ship off to real combat. Presumably this is another

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