Lafitte Corridor

Closer to the Greenway

From New Orleans City Business: City moving closer to work on creating Lafitte greenway Redeveloping 3-mile stretch from Quarter to Lakeview billed as recreation hot spot by Emilie Bahr, Staff Writer The city has chosen a contractor to plan and design a long-anticipated greenway for a mostly derelict stretch of

FOLC in the Zone

WWL-TV will do a feature on the Lafitte Corridor this Thursday morning at 7:45 AM. This is part of a series called “In the Zone.” They’re covering a different recovery zone each segment. They’ve done almost all of them, so this is one of the last. If you want to

Path to Revitalization

I almost missed this story in today’s paper… There’s supposed to be an accompanying slideshow with audio on but I can’t find it here.

The Hike Report

I had no idea how many people to expect for today’s 4th Annual Hike of the Lafitte Corridor. Last year we had 16 or 17, the year before that, the same. But this year we had better publicity thanks to the sponsorship of Massey’s Professional Outfitters. If we doubled our

Thoughts Before the Hike

As we hike the length of the abandoned rail line known as the Lafitte Corridor tomorrow, we’ll pass by the Lafitte public housing development. Or perhaps I should say the ruins of this development. These buildings are currently being demolished, and the sight is quite dramatic to say the least.

Hike the Lafitte Corridor

What are you doing for National Trails Day? If you’re in New Orleans, please join us for the 4th Annual Hike of the Lafitte Corridor. It’s hard to believe this is the fourth such event. The first one only had three hikers and no fanfare. The second hike led to

Vision Plan

I’ve been meaning to post about the Lafitte Greenway Master Plan. Actually I’ve been told it’s more of a “visioning plan” than a “master plan” but nevertheless it’s complete and you should check it out: Lafitte Greenway Master Plan This is the most comprehensive statement to date on the Lafitte

Hike 3

I wish I’d had a day of rest upon returning to New Orleans, but of course I didn’t. Sunday morning started off with the third annual hike of the Lafitte Corridor. We began with a dozen people and finished with seventeen. Click the picture to view a set of 20

3rd Annual Hike

One day in May 2005, three friends got together and hiked three miles through the heart of New Orleans along the old Norfolk-Southern rail line, the so-called “Lafitte Corridor.” Last May, 18 people made the hike. And now we’re doing it again. (Click to enlarge the map.) Last year’s hike

Framing the Issues on Our Terms

Last night we had our Mid-City Recovery Action Meeting, as we do on the first Monday of every month. We’d been planning since last week to address the designs that Victory Real Estate Investments, LLC, appears to have on twenty acres of Mid-City. What we hadn’t anticipated was Saturday’s front

Victory (Not)

I picked up the paper off the porch this morning looking forward to reading another story by Stephanie Bruno about our renovation, the 18th in an ongoing series. But I was somewhat distracted by the headline on the front page: Giant Mid-City retail project planned A Georgia development company has

Flood Marker

I took this picture this morning at Jeff Davis and Conti. I think anyone in New Orleans would recognize what this marker means: that’s how high the water came during last year’s flood. As a point of reference, the waterline was about the level of my neck, and I’m tall.

After Hike

The Second Annual Lafitte Corridor Rail Hike was a screaming success! On Sunday, May 21st, eighteen of us hiked about three miles from Armstrong Park to Canal Boulevard, right through Mid-City following the old Norfolk-Southern rail line. The Louisiana Institute of Film Technology is building a film studio on a

Film Studio Under Fire — Not!

I’m disappointed by the spin of this article in City Business —laf the headline in particular. “Film studio under fire”? C’mon. No one is criticizing the LIFT project. In fact, everyone I’ve talked to is pretty excited about it. What we are questioning is process by which the public land

2nd Annual Hike

On May 21st of last year, with a couple friends, I hiked about three miles through New Orleans following the (mostly) abandoned Norfolk-Southern rail line. This line runs from Armstrong Park to Canal Boulevard, through the area known as the “Lafitte Corridor.” We thought it was an excellent candidate for

No Glory

It really chapped my ass to read the story on the front page of today’s paper, about the big movie production studio which is planned to be built next to the Lafitte housing project. I’m not opposed to the project — I see it as a hugely positive boon to

Rail Walk Pix

Posted a set of 40-odd pix from Saturday’s rail walk:

Three Mile Hike

Michael H. and David B. and I went for a three-mile hike along an abandoned railway corridor that cuts through Mid-City. We think it’s an excellent candidate for a rails-to-trails conversion. This was an just initial exploratory scoping. More to come. (I took a couple hundred photos!) I also got

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