A few days ago I posted a picture of Milo and me, and noted that we had the same color eyes. My friend Sean went a little crazy with this picture and swapped my eyes with Milo’s. The results are funny and a little disturbing. According to Sean, “Milo’s eyes

No Glory

It really chapped my ass to read the story on the front page of today’s paper, about the big movie production studio which is planned to be built next to the Lafitte housing project. I’m not opposed to the project — I see it as a hugely positive boon to

Inside Out Again

A follow-up article in today’s Inside Out in the Times-Pic: RENOVATORS FIND MADNESS DESPITE METHOD NOTE: Bart Everson and Christy Paxson find that tough decisions are unavoidable as they repair the basement of their North Salcedo Street bungalow.

Volume Five

Though my box of journals was left on the bottom floor of our house during the flooding of New Orleans, all is not lost. I brought Volume Five back to Indiana with me and photographed each page. I’ve posted the whole set.

Pix from NOLA

I’ve posted a bunch of pictures from the trip Michael and I made to New Orleans a few days ago. I’ve put ’em all in this set. Mostly I took pictures of my home and possessions, for insurance purposes, but I did take a few pix of more general interest

Mid-City Pix

Home… / Ben Record / CC BY-SA 2.0 Dental Ben has posted a set of pix taken in Mid-City (my neighborhood in New Orleans) over the last couple of days.

Semi-Random Roundup

Viriler. That’s the word I used as the first play of our first game of Scrabble last night. (It was four-way Scrabble: Xy vs. me vs. MaPó vs. Martin, whom we had over for basil burgers.) Because it cleared my tray, it was worth 70-some points, and of course awed

A Dozen More for Good Measure

Remember when I said I was done posting pix from our vacation trip? I was wrong. I found a dozen more which I’d meant to post but forgot. The Devil’s Kitchen! Caveman BBQ! The DeVille Motor Inn! The Factory Bowl Outlet! How could I forget? I’ve added them to the

Vacation Pix

It’s taken a couple weeks, but I’ve finally posted all the pix from our vacation. Well, not all the pix, but 87 of the best ones. To avoid click-fatigue, view them as a slideshow.

Red Beans & Tags

I just discovered the Technorati Tags page, and I was tickled to see that a picture I just posted on Flickr was displayed at the top of the Food page (but not for long). It is, however, the sole content listed for the RedBeansAndRice tag. Oh, and in case this

Turkey Prep

Jaylene Marsh came to visit us for Thanksgiving. She drove down from Indianapolis yesterday, and today she took this picture with her phone and e-mailed it to me. I posted the picture to Flickr. (Thanks, Rachel, for turning me on to the site.) So this is my first real attempt

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