Costume Supplies

I’m trying to scrounge up the necessary accouterments for our Mardi Gras costumes.

  • Laurel branches: Everyone envisions classical gods and goddesses wearing a wreath of laurels. But where on earth do you find them?
  • Sheaves of wheat or barley: Symbolic of Demeter, goddess of the harvest. Again, not sure where I’m going to find these.
  • Poppies: Sacred to Demeter. We just picked up a couple poppies at the garden shop, so we should have this one covered.
  • Torch: Demeter is often depicted with a torch, symbolic of searching for her daughter. I don’t think we’d want a real torch but a fake one would be nice.
  • Sickle or scythe: In lieu of a torch Demeter is sometimes pictured with a sickle, being a harvest goddess and all.
  • Golden arm bracelets: Goddesses always seem to wear those.
  • Togas and tunics: A sheet and bedspread might be sufficient.
  • Lightning bolts: representing Zeus.
  • Sandals: Greek gods are always wearing sandals, right?

If you have any idea how I might find, purchase, or manufacture any of these myself, please let me know. Ditto if you think of anything I’ve missed.

Happy Halloween

Here’s the full-on Crown Royal costume in all its glory.

Mom's Crown Royal

I drilled two tiny holes through a Crown Royal cap to make her crown. Two leg-holes in the classic Crown Royal bag (1.75 liter) and voila — instant costume.

Dad's Crown Royal

I feel I should clarify that Crown Royal is no particular favorite of mine. I mean it’s all right, but I don’t go out of my way for it. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever purchased a bottle until now, when I thought this would be a cute look for her first Hallowe’en.

Of course she’s too young to go door-to-door but we did get a handful of neighbor kids as usual. Here’s Darth Vader and Betsy Ross.

Trick or Treat

We handed out Ring Pops because we knew we won’t be tempted to eat any leftovers. But Xy got the jones and sent me to Rite-Aid for some chocolate. We listened to a passel of covers of “Bela Lugosi’s Dead”; for real late-night spookery we turned to The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud. Man, that’s some creepy music.