May 30, 1994: Christy Aloft

So. Christy is in the air right now, somewhere between Indianapolis and New York City. Actually she's probably changing planes in Chicago at this particular moment. She'll be doing a ten-week internship with MTV News and Specials, which which she won as a prize for her video, "Dumpster Diving," which she entered in America's College Video Competition, which is sponsored by MTV, Levi's 501 and Birkenstock Shoes. She won a pair of Birks as well.

Blackboard Entertainment is the organization that actually runs the contest. They're out on the west coast somewhere. We only found out about this internship deal four days ago -- rather short notice to drop everything and move to one of the crime capitols of the world to work for 2 1/2 months with no pay and no place to stay. Does this represent piss-poor planning on the part of Blackboard? Perhaps, but they seem very interested in helping us succeed, and they might be just the people to do it.

Damn. It's been so long since I've written that I have a lot to record, a lot of things I could write about, like "J&B Get Baked" for example -- but fuck that. The past is the past. At present Christy's gonna be in New York, and I'm gonna be here. I hope to get lots of prep work done for the 3rd season. I want to be able to focus on ROX exclusively. Of course, to do that I would need to quit my job at DialAmerica, at least temporarily.

*I just called Mom and told her all this news and asked for $1500 to help out with the expenses -- as a loan, of course. That money would actually allow me to quit my day job, but I didn't tell her that. Did I mention that Christy's grandmother gave her $3000 for New York?