April 25, 1993

Nothing major has happened since I last wrote except that I'M GETTING MARRIED to Christy. So I think this would be a good time to get back in this habit of keeping a journal -- keeping counsel with myself. As a future husband, I have to provide some leadership in this relationship; after all, a woman is subject to her husband and ought to obey him. It says so in the Bible. Grrr.

I'm up all night here, transferring footage that's accumulated of late. Our next episode, #32, is titled, "Mom, Dad, I'm Getting Married."

Christy's sleeping at her house tonight. It's actually the first night we've spent apart in quite a while, and it makes me feel uncomfortable. I love to be with her, but I need to get my work done too. I think she understands that.

So I'm marrying Christy. I asked her just a few days ago. We love each other, so it makes sense, but this is also a political statement: we're saying "fuck you" to society. Because we're doing this on our own terms. A simple courtroom affair. Go out for beers afterward. Big party the next day. Hopefully Johnny Socko can play.

(Socko just got signed on the same label that's got Bop Harvey. Lead singer Mike Wiltrout is an ex-boyfriend of Christy's. He's living with Amanda McEachran now. Amanda and Mike and Christy and I are going to Myrtle Beach in early June.)

(Socko got on the Live from Bloomington CD this year, and so did the Submersibles. Our track, "Splinter," was singled out by reviewer Bill Z___ as the only truly bad track on the album. I wrote the lyrics in anticipation of Christy -- I was thinking about her, but I hadn't yet asked her out on our first date.)