June 1, 1992: J&B on the ROX

Just finished taping the first installment of our new talk show, J__ and I exploring the world of mixed drinks and tangential conversation.

Tonight's drink's were:

Pretty sloshed now as a matter of fact. Stoned too. Feel like shit, physically -- raw throat, etc.

That grass R___ has is just paranoia-inducing in its potency. I must remember to limit myself: one puff or not at all.

Yes, another project. Another iron in the fire. Just what I need. Always hopping from one thing to the next. Feel like a jack of all trades. Don't forget the second half of that: master of none.

So the novel's on the back burner for now -- I can do that later, in Tucson. For now I want to take advantage of the things I have here, so the first priority goes to rap. Then this video thing. Throw the illustrations for the Bloomington Voice in there somewhere.

Oh, and did I mention that I want to try selling 'Concept Jars' by mail order?