April 10th, 1985 8:57 P.M. Wednesday

A Private Party

This is what happened:

I had paid Kim S____ $30 to obtain a large amount of alcohol. We were to exchange the wine, beer and vodka Friday morning. However, Vic and I couldn't track her down all day. So Friday nite we went out with Kevin to Hook's Drug Store, and I bought a twelve-pack of Budweiser and a fifth of 80 proof Dark Eyes vodka. I had altered my driver's license with some chalk dust and a pencil so that my birthdate was no longer 1/17/67 but 1/17/62, making me 23 years old.

Mom and Dad were gone for the weekend, so we went to my house and sat around the dining room table. We began mixing the vodka, each with our favorite carbonated soda, and sipping at the drinks with eager anticipation. It was our mutual intention to get very drunk.

But halfway through the first round, Kevin got impatient. "I say we just split the whole bottle three ways and drink it straight up -- right now!" And so we did. We finished the bottle in under ten minutes. Extremely stupid of me. I lost my head. And then I drank four or five beers. At least, I think I did. Anyway, I don't remember a whole lot more, except that Phil M_________ and Aaron H____ came over for few minutes and stole the rest of the beer.

I had wanted to get drunk to the point of oblivion. I succeeded. Saturday morning, I couldn't remember much of anything. I woke up on my sister's bed. Vic woke up in the bathtub. Kevin had passed out on the couch after watching a Jane Fonda aerobics video in fast motion.

I felt like shit, and the house was a wreck. I had vomited on the stairs and in my sister's room. Vic had shit his pants and slept in it. Someone, apparently me, had broken a drinking glass in the kitchen. Kevin had sliced up a good Teflon pan while trying to make a frozen pizza. The dog's water dish was filled with beer. My eyeglasses had been smashed to pieces.

Vic felt as hungover as I did. He'd never been drunk before; I had, but not like this. Kevin felt fine. The three of us cleaned up 'til about noon. Then we beat it to Kevin's house.

You see, I had planned a big BYOB party that nite. I'd invited quite a few people. But now I certainly did feel up to it. Nor did Vic. Nor did we feel the house could take it. So we decided to spend the nite at Kevin's. In hiding, as it were.

I tried to sleep, but I couldn't. I felt very sick and very weak. It was utmost misery. Vic had planned to stay 'til Sunday, but he got homesick and drove home to Belleville that afternoon.

Finally, at about 7 PM, I slept. At 10 PM I got up, ate, then went back to sleep. I woke again at 5 AM, Sunday. Easter Sunday. Our church has an early Easter service at 7 AM, and I had to be there to usher. I rose quietly and left. I couldn't find my shoes, but I didn't want to wake anyone, so I ran home in my stocking feet. It was raining lightly, and the streets were streaming with cold water. By the time I got home, my feet were freezing hot.

But the church service was good. So was the breakfast they served afterward, and the Sunday School class after that. But more about God in a later entry. After I went home, the day looked to be a miserable one. I still felt ill, I couldn't see (no glasses), and there was a lot of cleaning to be done. So I did some.

Then Stephanie B____ called.

I had Easter lunch at their house (delicious) and she came over afterward and helped clean, for which I am very, very grateful. She gave me quite a lift when I was really down...

Oh yes. A also got my left ear pierced on Friday. So did Vic.