January 27th, 1985 3:50 A.M. Sunday

My First Party

Good Lord, do I ever have a lot to tell.

After school Friday, Joe J____ and Jonathan S____ and I went to McDonald's and then to Joe's house. We decided to see a movie, then Joe would come and spend the night at my house. Joe wanted me to help him study for the S.A.T., which we were scheduled to take the next morning. But after the movie, he said he wanted to go to the basketball game (Greenwood vs. Franklin). I was against it, but Joe convinced me. So the three of us went.

Joe knew there was a party at Steve D_____'s house that night; he said he wasn't going to go because he wanted to study for the S.A.T. But at the game he changed his mind. He'd go, but he wouldn't drink. Jonathan was all for it, so we went.

Now I wouldn't be surprised if my parents read this.... But I'm gonna relay things as they actually happened.

This was quite a party. Nice, big house; lots of people, lots of booze. I had four big cups of beer... and two or three sips of vodka. Not bad for first time out, huh? Considering I didn't pass out or throw up. I must not have been completely and thoroughly blitzed, though, cuz it seemed there was a part of my mind that never got drunk, and I could see how stupid I was acting and what assholes all the other drunk guys were. Most guys got violent; a few (like me) got mellow.

I called home and told Mom I was spending the night at Joe's. At 5 A.M. I went to sleep. Joe couldn't make it for the S.A.T. when the alarm clock went off, so we slept in. I got home at 10 A.M. and slept 'til 4 in the afternoon.

Steve D______ had a second party the following evening -- thank god Joe and I didn't go. Becuz it was busted big time. They had to bring a school bus to haul everyone away. It even made the Daily Journal headline: 66 Nabbed at Party.