I suppose I've got to write something sooner or later about my date with Carol H_______. So here goes:

We didn't go to Steak & Ale after all. She agreed to pick me up at five o'clock, you see, but she didn't arrive until half-past, at which time she told me that her mother would prefer if we ate in Greenwood.

We went to the mall to buy movie tickets early and so avoid lines. They had told me over the phone that I could buy 'em anytime, but when I got there they told me I'd have to wait 'til 6:15.

Although I'd suggested the County Line, a very nice local eatery, Carol asked if we shouldn't just eat in the mall, as a matter of convenience.

We ate at Chik-Fil-A.

I'd had something a bit more elegant in mind, but apparently Carol had a more casual attitude. You know, now that I think of it, I rather prefer "casual."

But... hmph! Bogie took her to the Cork & Cleaver, which is here in Greenwood, instead of the Eagle's Nest in Indianapolis. C&C is very nice and costs a good penny too. He told me about the date, said that he and Carol were seated near a very romantic fireplace. That would have been great.

Bogie also said he felt very comfortable with Carol. To be honest -- I wasn't. But then, I hardly know her.

Y'know, everyone's got a 'shell,' and when I get a glimpse inside of Carol's, it's almost as if nothing's there. Her only interests -- and I'm talking only -- are her tapes and her horse. Oh, and she seems to read a bit of poetry. Modern, I think.

Do we have anything in common? A strong love of music, I would guess, though she likes new wave or some such movement more, and I tend toward the heavier side of rock.