May 22, 1984

Victory, Girls and Homework

Welcome (again) to the 2nd volume, O Faithful One. I shall dispense with the formalities and plunge right into the story of my life.

On the 19th, my good friend Victor V______ and I made a number of posters and campaign stickers for the student council election (held today). Vic was running. I made most of the posters; he made most of the stickers. Then we came to school early Monday morning and put the posters up. We -- or rather he -- was the only candidate with posters up. We had quite a few, most of them pretty clever if I do say so myself.

Today the other candidates slapped some posters up which appeared to be (for the most part) rather hastily made.

Vic was elected to the council, as I sincerely believed he would be. I don't know if the posters helped very much -- Vic's become very popular over the three years he's lived here.

In my most hated class in school -- Analytical Geometry, or Anal Geometry as I call it -- we're having a big test tomorrow. Aaron V_____, another friend of mine, called me tonight and asked if I could come to the Anal Geometry party of the year. It would be at the library.

I agreed. He picked me up at 7:00 and we drove to Old Park by the library. We arrived at the same time as Ryan S____, fellow geometrician and wealthy preppie. The three of us went down to the tennis courts where Cheryl S_______, fellow geometrician and preppie tennis star, was practicing hitting balls over the net in a tank top and shorts. She's got a nice body and what many consider a beautiful face, but she knows it and flaunts it and acts naive and pure.

At least that's the impression I get from her at times. She's pretty nice, though.

Her friend and the girl I took to the prom, Carol M_____, was helping her. Now Carol is somehwat more plain than Cheryl but far from ugly -- rather pretty I think. She's also very intelligent, probably the most intelligent girl in the school. Maybe -- oh heck. To be continued tomorrow.