Pizza and Girls

At 5:30 today Mike R______ came over. We went to Noble Roman's pizza restaurant and totally gorged our brains out on a pizza of huge proportions. I mean, we're talking big here! Massive! We about ate ourselves sick.

Then we went to the high scool, arrived late, and helped our Thespian troupe clean the auditorium. I felt sort of useless during the cleaning. I really couldn't help much. But afterwards Teri T____ and her sister took Mike's car keys. We did indeed have a fun time getting them back. (Begin playing "Hot Girls in Love" in background.)

Both of the T____ sisters are quite appetizing -- I mean appealing! Well, both really. Mike and I both like both of them. It's only physical, of course, but the situation could get pretty interesting. Especially if it turns out they're into group sex.

Anyway, Mike and I hope to take them out sometime. Mike's a pretty wild guy, though, and very charismatic. I hope I'm not overlooked.

I guess I'll just have to make sure that I'm not.

If we do go out: no pizza! I don't even want to hear the word for at least a month.

To continue from yesterday:

I'm about six foot three inches and pretty thin. I only weigh 145 pounds, more after that pizza. My hair is blond, almost brown, my eyes blue and beautiful. I only have one eyebrow, but it runs the full length of my forehead. My nose is small, snub, and turns up ever so slightly, and I don't like it.

Good night.