Oh Crap...

Here I am on the second entry of my new journal, and already I've missed a day.

I have a good excuse though! I got home at midnight and totally forgot about this. I'll keep it under my pillow from now on, to remind me.

Where was I, so late on Monday night? Over at Aaron V_____'s house, doing our trig homework. We also fooled around quite a bit with his Commodore 64 computer. We wrote a program, a prime number generator, and saved ourselves a little work on our homework.

Well, to tell the truth, we probably could have done it a lot quicker on our calculators. But it was fun, and we learned some more about using computers.

As for today: the first day of school in 1984. I got some tests back. 93% in English Lit. I'm upset about that because I need a 95 for an A. 80% in Chemistry, but Mr. Vandergriff is using a curve, and my score was the highest in the class!

In Theater we did partner pantomimes. Ms Wharton teamed me up with Aaron, and we acted as if we were climbing up a mountain. It was fun -- and pretty good, but we needed more time to practice.

Writing in this journal doesn't seem so hard after all! I'm writing two pages today to make up for the one I missed yesterday.