New Year's Day!

So it's 1984 -- Big Brother is watching me!

Today is also Vic V______'s birthday. He's 17, so he took Annegret B____ and me (both still 16) to see an R-rated movie: DC Cab, featuring Mr. T and the Barbarian brothers.

It was awful -- I loved it.

Stayed up 'til dawn at Vic's party last night. Today I listened to the top hundred songs from 1983.

As per tradition (instituted by yours truly) we had fondue today. Vic and Carrie T____ ate with us. Vic is spending the night. He's snoozing now within arm's length. The time is now 12:08 AM.

Hmmm... this journal idea's pretty neat. I'll try to write a page a day, more if warranted. I hope I can keep it up.

I've got a sore tooth. I wonder if I'm getting a cavity? It would be my first.

By the way, "Every Breath You Take" was #1.