1979 Pocket Diary

with personal cash account, insurance records, tel-adress pages, plus pages of valuable information.

published by At-A-Glance record books

Bus. Add.: ____
[etc., all blank]


John Peters (Blohn Rokurt)

I am Bart Everson (Arx Zfrrr)
sig-na-ture: Bart Everson
Rathlon the RAVEN

[following are all entries:]
JANUARY Monday 1 New Year's Day TRADITIONAL FONDU Sunday 7 Nothing Much Friday 12 No SCHOOL! Saturday 13 Nancy chickened out on blood test Sunday 14 Sung in Quire Tuesday 16 Locker got stuck Wednesday 17 Birthday! Goodcake! -- Got Books (VERYGOOD) and Force Comandder Pajams Waterful TRIANGLES Yes and know Friday 19 Snowed out of school... FEBRUARY [no entries] MARCH Tuesday 27 Sorry didn't write. Diary was lost John - Me write Book. Aaron Illustrates Book is called: The infinite Quest! Characters -- Blohn (John) Ranedale (Aaron) Rathlon (ME) Vega Hades Sherry Willy Qal A close look at Rathlon: Plutonian Former member of Graf Lives on Ion with Vega Wednesday 28 By the way I am in Junior Thespian Play -- "Ransom of Red Cheif" Leading Roll. APRIL Tuesday 17 Pretty Good Day Saturday 28 Leave for bike hike to Doc Youngs's with B.S.A. couldn't make it. I'm mad at Maudlin (Patrol Leader) Sunday 29 Got back (-rode truck-) lost hiking shoe! MAY [no entries] JUNE [no entries] JULY Thursday 26 SORREE I HAVEN'T WRITTEN -- HAD WEERD DREEM THAT ME AND AARON WENT BACK TO ONE MILLION BEESEE! Friday 27 DIDN'T PASS SWWIMMER IN SWIMMING LESSONS. BOY, IZ IT HOT! [no entries for remainder of the year]
ADDRESSES R NAME: Rokurt, Blohn ADDRESS: Brackmy PHONE: 882- NAME: Ranedale ADDRESS: 3rd Cubidicus City, 1313, Mercury PHONE: 881-8906 NAME: Rathlon ADDRESS: Ion, Pluto PHONE: 881-8742