1978 Diary and Memo Book

with world maps, personal cash account, population of cities and other valuable information.

published by Marquette

My name is: Barton Everson
Business Address: I'm only 10 going on 11
Residence Address: 774 Redbud La.
Tel. No., Office-----
Tel. No., Residence: 881-8742
Blood Type: ?
Soc. Sec. No: ??
Date of Birth: Jan 17 1967
In case of serious illness notify
Ray Everson 261-????


Make and Model Car: ?
Vehicle No: ??
Motor No: ???
License No: ????
Insured with: ????

Who am I?
I am Bart!
10 years (almost 11) old.
I have one sister Nancy [she is 7].
She has some friends, the twins.
Speaking of friends, My Best friend is Roger.
I knew him since I was -- 5!
But they moved.
Every now and then we visit each other.
My lucky no. is 7.
I was bornin tulsa Oaklahoma.
code: picket fence
fav. color: silver
My Second Best Friend is Aaron.
We have a club called Alpha-Delta.
He's Alpha!  I'm Delta!

[selected entries coming, soon?]