1977 Junior Diary

with world maps, personal cash account, population of cities and other valuable information.

published by Marquette

"MY DIARY! CffK! KEEP OUT! TOP SECRET! Bart the Great"

Name:    Bart Everson
Address: 774 Redbud Lane
          Greenwood Indiana
Tel. No: 881-8742
In Case of Accident or Serious Illness,
Please Notify by Telegraph or Telephone:
          Ray Everson 881-8742
          774 Redbud Lane Greenwood

PERSONAL Blood Type:____ Soc. Sec. No:____ Size of Hat:____ Collar: 11 Size of Shirt: 12 Sleeve Length:____ Size of Gloves:____ Shoes: 6 1/2 Make of Watch:____ My Height is 4 ft. 11 1/2 in. My Average Weight is 75 pounds
AUTOMOBILE DESCRIPTION Make: I don't have a car! Body Type: I'm only 9 (or 10) Engine No:____ Serial No____ [etc.] Cash Account -- JANUARY DATE INCOMING BAL 1/2/77 .50 .50 [only one entry]  Re-MEMOR-Me! I was born in tulsa, OKLahoma. My Lucky Numeral, 7 (1977 881-8742 774 1776 17th J+A+N+U+A+R+Y=7) I have a sister, Nancy. My Best Friend is Roger I new him for 4 year I am 9. going on 10. I have almost alive friend, Beep Brinker.  [drawing of Beep] My Moto - SCHOOL IS a Drag i am very smart I belong to club with Dicky called dragons. I like to draw (unusally) Ex.  [unusual drawing] I will use this code some: A - m O - l B - i P - f C - c Q - t D - h R - u E - a S - x F - l T - v G - e U - p H - d V - q I - o W - f J - r X - g K - s Y - j L - k Z - z M - n ! - ? ? - !
[following are selected entries, with idiosyncratic spelling, punctuation and grammar faithfully preserved:] JANUARY Sunday 2 T.V. "What did you do in the War, Daddy?" comedy really good! Tomaro, back to the old grinder! Monday 3 Today I go to gymnastic and tap class Friday 7 big snowball, shovel fight Tuesday 25 regular day Wednesday 26 I doodle  [a doodle] Saturday 29 I scribble  [a scribble] Memoranda I am going out of my gourd. I'm liking school Sunday 30 First one to church Monday 31 Grind, Grind, Grind FEBRUARY Tuesday 1 Mom + me had fight. Saturday 5 I draw artisticly  [artistic drawing] Thursday 10 I can write poetry Roses are blue Violets are red if you believe this you'd better examine your head Memoranda When I draw i can't think MARCH Monday 7 I love Chris Butler i teetered with her Tuesday 8 No work in school I love Chris Butler i teeter tottered with her Thursday 10 Disovery 5 ring around Uranus I make codes: * = A ° = Z # = B through Y Friday 11 I talk "Hi?" APRIL Saturday 2 The day is over, the day is done, Tomorrow will be, another one. Wednesday 6 Bought Digital Watch: time: 10:36 AM L.S.Ayres - had breakest with mister Bunny Sunday 10 Easter Sunday Found 61¢ for Easter Monday 11 Start of storybook SHORT STORIES Code name is Glook Thursday 14 Did my spaceform Memoranda Don't ask what a spaceform is Friday 22 Baby sat Nancy for one dollar. Tuesday 26 went to back doctor My bone structue in my back is curved. MAY Lyman chained me up! Sunday 8 mother's Day gave Mom Necklece I made and Dish towels Out to eat pizza Monday 9 not very good day From now on I'll write backward Tuesday 10 egroeG dna eM eb ot gnitteg era sdneirf doog yad doog daH Memoranda gniog llits m'I sdrawkcab etirw ot Saturday 14 Grandma + Grandpa come Sunday 15 They Left no more writing backwards Monday 16 Good day Mom Dad unfair to me Monday 23 Tryn' to be left handed JUNE Thursday 9 ordered: Onion Gum Trick black soap Foaming sugar Thursday 16 went off high dive Friday 10 Still playin' Ping Pong (I get fre video game if I win against Dad) Saturday 11 whole Pack (Scouts) went to CM also: everyone specially Mom is bugging me JULY Wednesday 6 go to survival camp on bus eat crayfish Thursday 7 eat grasshoppers made shelters out of logs Friday 8 come home Saturday 9 Go on CUB SCOUT At same forest Wednesday 20 Picked plums Thursday 21 Washed plums Friday 22 Picked more plums AUGUST Saturday 27 yesterday got inch worm and grasshopper for good insect zoo SEPTEMBER Thursday 1 out on recess i'm a butterball turkey Tuesday 20 Remember Short Stories Book? worked on it OCTOBER Friday 7 i'm scared Friday 28 Se STAR WARS 2nd time (I forgot when I saw it 1st Monday 31 It's Halowe'en LOTS'O LOTS'O CANDY NOVEMBER Tuesday 1 Wrote letters to: Gov. State Represenitive and Jimmy Carter and asked them all for a picture of them and I asked for a picture of Amy Carter to! Wednesday 2 MORE LETTERS Thursday 3 Forget it KID! Wednesday 23 Went to Thank. service I am a Belivier Thursday 24 Thanksgiving Day Relitave cone over Loura and Me Have Secret Meeting tonight Also Play Neat Game Of Being Kings DECEMBER Tuesday 6 SNOWED OUT of school! Wednesday 7 Snowed out and us made a sort a band Thursday 8 School NA Friday 9 SNOWED OUT Memoranda Get Neat Book Also start company selling optical illusion pets Sunday 25 Christmas Day Lots o' lotso' Presents  [chart of symbols]