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J&B on Howard Stern

Yo, big props to Ian Cognito for unearthing this little snippet from Howard Stern’s show of April 19th, 1994. J&B on Howard Stern by Editor B Believe it or not, I’ve never heard this before. For the complete run-down on all the media hype of those heady days, see J’s


When ROX #85 debuted on the internet, we sent out press releases every which way, and we got quite a bit of coverage, from Time magazine to local media outlets. I’m not sure exactly how it happened, but Xy and I ended up on a drive-time radio show in St.

Dear Coby

One of the key tensions in my relationship with Xy has to do with television. To put it bluntly, she’s for it and I’m against it. I long ago gave up the battle to keep television out of our home, but at least we don’t pay for cable or satellite.

Babylon, Babylon

I recently failed to complete two works with similar names: Babylon Babies, a book by some French dude, and Babylon 5, a TV series from the 1990s.

Our Babylon 5 Connection

Quick quiz: What’s the connection between my beautiful wife and the science fiction television series Babylon 5?

FOLC in the Zone

WWL-TV will do a feature on the Lafitte Corridor this Thursday morning at 7:45 AM. This is part of a series called “In the Zone.” They’re covering a different recovery zone each segment. They’ve done almost all of them, so this is one of the last. If you want to

Editor B’s Morning Ride to Work

Q: What do you get when you combine Gcast, a cell phone, a Bluetooth headset, a bicycle and me?


I wish I could take comfort in the unity of our City Council today, as they closed ranks and voted for the redevelopment of our public housing projects. I wish I could believe that the planned redevelopment will truly lead to a more just and humane society, with greater opportunity

Celebrating Helen on PBS

Please take a moment to contact your local PBS affiliate and ask them to air the film Helen Hill: Celebrating a Life in Film. You can get further information about how to do this here.

48 Hours

48 Hours Mystery will be running a show this weekend about Helen Hill and Dinerral Shavers and the general topic of violence in New Orleans. I spoke to the producers a couple of times. One producer told me he was disappointed by the seeming resignation of most of the people

Information Loss Creates Illusion of Slowness

So, I was listening to Kenny G’s Intelligent Design show on WFMU yesterday, and he starts playing a piece by Steve McLaughlin called “Run for Your Life.” The piece consists of all of the Beatles albums, from Please Please Me to Let It Be, played at eight times normal speed.

Obligatory K-Ville Post

My expectations for K-Ville were extremely low. (I get exposed to more than my fair share of bad police dramas because of Xy’s execrable taste in televiewing.) I was pleasantly surprised that K-Ville wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined it would be.


There will be a segment about Helen Hill‘s unsolved murder case on America’s Most Wanted tomorrow night. I believe they’ll be using some video I shot of her jazz funeral. Also, Helen’s brother, Jake Hill, is in New Orleans to hold a meeting and press conference at the Sound Café

New Home Movies from the Lower 9th Ward

I got a call a couple weeks ago from Tavis Smiley’s people. They wanted me to promote a television show on my blog. I’ve heard about this as the latest marketing trend, and I’m not sure what to think of it. On the one hand, I like to preserve this

Celebrity Smackdown

Jimmy Pardo just read my list of annoying people on his weekly podcast. Er, pardon me, it’s a “Pardcast.” Check out Episode 33 — the fun begins about 27 minutes into the program. They rake me over the coals pretty well, and I gotta admit I have it coming. “All

This Is Getting Ridiculous

I’ll be on the local CBS affiliate, WWL channel 4, sometime this evening, talking about you-know-what.

ABC 26 News

I was on the local news last night — top of the ten o’clock hour. They pegged it to Nagin’s 100+3 day press conference, citing his quip about commercial blight, and then segueing to our rodent-infested grocery. They shot the interview with me yesterday afternoon. The camera operator (who bravely

ABC Tonite, NBC Tomorrow?

I think I’ll be on the local news tonight (ABC 26 at 9 and 10) with some other Mid-City residents, talking about that corner grocery. Yeah, you know the one. It looks like I will also be on NBC Nightly News (national) but I’m not sure when. The producer, a

It Got Worse

A few days after the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001, I wrote a short essay titled “I Thought It Couldn’t Get Worse.” Sadly, it seems it has gotten worse. A lot worse. We’re now embroiled in a war that has nothing to do with those attacks, yet those attacks

The Hester Report

I just got a call from Sandra “18 Wheeler” Hester! Many New Orleanians have wondered about Sandra’s whereabouts since Katrina. For those outside Orleans Parish, I should explain that Sandra has been one of our most public gadflies, an outspoken critic of the public school system and a star of

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