Xy and I were at Tyler’s for beer and 10 cent oysters — typical Monday night. We met an old-time local guy who had last set foot in the bar back in 1967, roundabouts the time I was being born. We talked about how things had changed since then. One thing he said that struck […]

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A few nights ago, Xy & I walked past Jackson Square with our friend David Bryan after coffee and beignets. The park is locked at night, but through the bars we’ve often observed cats — lots of cats — cavorting or merely lolling about. I’ve counted as many as twenty cats within spitting distance of […]

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There were so many murders in New Orleans yesterday that a shooting near our house didn’t even make the news. Xy heard shots fired around 5pm. Apparently no one was hurt. A few hours earlier and just a few blocks further, a thirteen-year-old boy shot a sixteen-year-old boy in the face by accident. He’s in […]

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I finally got religion. Here’s how it happened. Here in New Orleans, Jazz Fest is a big deal. A really big deal. I mean, people talk about it like they might talk about sex or drugs. They compare it to Mardi Gras, and say that it’s better. People come from all over the country — […]

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Last month, a woman named Mai Thi Nguyen was killed here in New Orleans as she worked behind the counter at a grocery store. It was an attempted robbery that turned into a senseless murder. Three men were arrested. One of the men was released two weeks ago. The judge said the surveillance tapes and […]

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So it’s Christmas Eve, and I’m eating lunch at Coop’s Place in the Quarter with my in-laws. The waiter there is a perpetual stoner. For the holidays he’s wearing a Santa hat and a blinking red-and-green stud in his beard. An old biker dude is hobbling out of the restaurant on crutches, and the waiter […]

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I’ve been getting a lot of questions regarding my last post. I’ll try to answer them here. It’s been incredibly frustrating trying to find specific information. I don’t even know its common name, much less the scientific one. People just call it “the fungus.” Most people don’t seem to know much about it, or even […]

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There’s a variety of fungus that people cultivate down here in little rooftop gardens. I’ve really never seen anything quite like it. They only grow at night, and very quickly too, so that they complete their entire life cycle in just a few hours. There’s a whole subculture surrounding these things, which is how I […]

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I wanted to let everybody know I survived my first Mardi Gras. Carnival season begins here in New Orleans on the 6th day of January, also known as Twelfth Night because it’s the 12th night after Christmas. I believe it commemorates the visitation of the Magi. I knew Carnival had begun when one of my […]

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