Yesterday, as I was cooking dinner, I heard the beat of drums outside our house. I recognized that sound immediately and knew what it meant: Warren Easton marches again! It’s probably the coolest thing about living on my block. The high school marching band comes down our street almost every school day. Or rather, they […]

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Now more than ever, it’s time to remember that the Fourth of July is International Flag-Burning Day. To celebrate, I’m posting this fantastic anthem (mp3) by New Orleans’ own Troublemakers. It is truly one of my favorite songs ever. A lot of Americans get whipped up about the notion of anyone “desecrating” the American flag. […]

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It’s that time of year again. I’ve been trying to muster up some enthusiasm for the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. I’ve been trying for years. But somehow I never seem to work myself up into the appropriate fervor. And if I am lacking in enthusiasm, Xy is downright negative. When I admit that […]

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Even as I type this, I’m having a beer and checking out PJ Christie onstage as he kicks off Musical Family Tree Fest: a whole bunch of music at four venues in two cities over two nights. Right now we’re at Locals Only in Indianapolis. Later we’ll hit the Patio. Then tomorrow, it’s back to […]

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Tonight we went to Tyler’s again. Oysters have gone up to 25 cents because of Ivan. The jukebox was playing Run-DMC and assorted hip-hop and R&B jams; Purple Rain was on the video; everybody was feeling good and having fun. Then a Billy Joel song came on. “Big Shot.” I looked around the bar. There […]

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Xy and I are celebrating our steel anniversary. Twelve [sic] years ago today, we got married. In the mix this morning: “Anniversary” by Tony! Toni! Toné! (Of course. And not the short version either. Nothing but the full nine and a half minute odyssey will do.) “Good Eleven” (Multiplication Rock) “Eleventh Earl of Mar” by […]

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