This arrived in the mail yesterday with no return address. View the large version for easier reading. Note: I cut the writer’s name off to preserve his/her privacy. This letter is in response to the most recent article about us in the Times-Picayune. The writer means well, but the discerning

Good Neighbors

It was good to see a letter from my neighbor on the editorial page of the Times-Picayune this weekend. (Note: The “Good Neighbor Program” started off as a city ordinance that dictated storm damaged homes must to be gutted and secured one year after Katrina. We are now approaching the

Secret Admirer

Xy has a secret admirer. She found this letter in her purse yesterday. click to enlarge Note that she teaches 6th grade, so this isn’t from one of her students.

About That Grocery

This is a draft of a letter I’m planning to send to Paul Curcuru of Metairie. Dear Mr. Curcuru, I am writing to you because I believe you are the owner of the property at 3126 BIENVILLE, according to the Orleans Parish Assessor’s Office. To be more precise, I am

Dear Ms. Head

Here’s an excerpt from an e-mail I just sent to my City Council Representative, Stacy Head, addressing three problems in my neighborhood: There is a small grocery at the corner of Lopez and Bienville which has not been touched since the storm. It is overrun by large rats and is

An Unfinished Letter

On August 23rd of last year, one week before Katrina, I started a letter to the CEO of Aetna (my insurer through my employer). I’m preoccupied with other matters now, so I doubt I’ll ever complete this letter, much less send it. An open letter to Dr. John W. Rowe,

“A Stinking Cesspool”

A letter in today’s Bloomington Herald-Times: Stop funds to New Orleans To the editor: The mayor of New Orleans will have to wait until the 22nd or 23rd century to reconstruct his city. If he expects his constituency to clean up the mess and rebuild their city, it may take

Idle Threat

A while back I got an angry message via the rox.com website. The writer demanded the immediate removal of “my image and any mention of me” from the website, and threatened legal action. The message was not signed, and the return e-mail address was obscure. I wrote back and said

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