Yesterday the IT department here at the university finally delivered my new computer, a Macintosh G5. It was supposed to arrive this summer, but everything seems to run about three months late here. Nor is it what I requested. I asked for a dual 2.5GHz machine with a 250GB hard drive, 2GB of RAM and […]

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Just in the last few days I’ve been getting a bunch of Rolex spam. It’s the electronic equivalent of a guy in the alley who says, “Psst, wanna buy a Rolex, cheap?” Apparently I’m not the only one. Seems to have started on October 17th, and it’s hitting worldwide. I wonder if, in the future, […]

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Wow. Mark Pilgrim seems to be giving up the blogging life. The final terse post came yesterday, and today his Atom feed returns a 410 Gone. Mark’s blog, dive into mark, was the first blog I ever made a habit of reading. He displayed an acerbic wit even when addressing to dry topics like character […]

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A coupla profs at Xavier are doing a workshop today called “Geeks Gone Wild,” about how they’ve used QuickTime clips to jazz up some of their classes. To promote the workshop, they produced a short video spot, which they planned and shot and edited on their own. Then they asked me to help tighten it […]

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At last, someone has acknowledged the iMovie “Save Frame As…” bug. I was beginning to think I was crazy, because this damn thing has been annoying me ever since iMovie 3 came out back in early 2003, and I could never find any mention of this bug, though surely it must have bewildered thousands of […]

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Back in June, John Gruber tried something daring. He asked his readers for money to support his blog, Daring Fireball. It’s a great blog, probably the best I’ve seen on the Mac OS. I might have thrown some cash his way just out of general principle. It’s that good. What really clinched it, though, what […]

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I’ve been letting the Mac OS X Mail client decide what’s junk for the last seventeen months. As of this morning, it has identified 100,031 e-mail messages as junk and filed them away, sight unseen, in a designated junk folder. That’s 44,288 messages to my “private” e-mail address; the rest have accumulated through a […]

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The website has been down since July 4th and it’s really chapping my ass. See, my favorite news aggregator, Shrook, uses for distributed checking of all the sites I read. Distibuted checking is cool; it appeals to my notions of a good cyber-ecology. Sure, I could run Shrook without using, but that […]

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A couple of weeks ago, PJ mentioned he’d recently tutored a mutual acquaintance of ours on some of the finer points of Web authoring. “Yeah,” I said, “I’ve tutored him many times.” “But I bet you’ve never gotten paid!” And PJ pulled out his wallet. Sure enough, he had a personal check for $120. Then […]

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AltaVista reveals the following word count on the Web: beep: 625,434 beeep: 12,191 beeeep: 2,962 beeeeep: 1,264 beeeeeep: 931 beeeeeeep: 453 beeeeeeeep: 866 beeeeeeeeep: 273 beeeeeeeeeep: 562 beeeeeeeeeeep: 131 What I found most intriguing is the surprisingly low count for beeeeeeeeep (9 E’s). I can’t imagine why this is the case. So I repeated the […]

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