I didn’t really know Betts, but I know Gentilly Girl, who has also been a regular commenter on this blog, and so I am reposting this from Liprap’s Lament in hopes of garnering a few more bucks for the cause. There’s currently over $300 in the fund but more is needed. Start the New Year […]

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3:15 AM, New Orleans Of course this is a terrible photo, but it proves I was there. I caught some zzz, then got up at 1:45AM. The total eclipse was in full effect. A half dozen people were hanging out in the street in front of Banks Street Bar, gazing upward. I went around the […]

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I don’t really know Gina very well. She’s a friend of a friend, the intermediary being the irascible PJ Christie. Gina and PJ played together in a band called Rabbit Hatch back in the pre-K days. They played at our 2005 Samedi Gras party, as pictured here. So obviously Gina is a musician but she’s […]

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I’m still in touch with a number of friends back in Indiana. Last week I heard some sad news from one of these friends: His mother had passed away. She was advanced in years, but it was still rather sudden and unexpected. Yet what he asked the next day brought a smile to my face. […]

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How does one spend Sunday morning at Tales of the Cocktail? How about a seminar on “Religious Spirits”? This session was conducted by Garrett Oliver and a thankfully clean-shaven Allen Katz. Allen talked about spirits and Garrett talked about beer. I never thought I’d be drinking beer at Tales, but this session attempted to bridge […]

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We stopped by our friends’ house yesterday and I talked to a couple four-year-old-boys playing in the sandbox. One of the boys had a sucker that had gotten coated with sand. Me: Mmm, sand, that’s my favorite flavor. Russell: Do you want it? Me: No thanks, I just ate a bunch of sand before I […]

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