Tuesday, April 08, 2003
Nothing is eternal. Even the idea of eternity is a fraud.

Time is only temporary. The universe is ending, slowly, dying the Cold Death.

Friday, April 04, 2003
This morning it was 72 F in my house, perhaps a little colder outside in the shade. But the sun was warm as I rode to work. When I got here my hands were warm, but not hot; in fact, they still had a touch of coldness here and there. But I was definitely warmed up, to the point that my office didn't even feel cold at first, though the thermometer reveals it is 67 in here.

According to the TMA iServiceDesk, Request # 9866 was REJECTED yesterday afternoon.

Soon thereafter an e-mail arrived, stating:

This was called in to the Engineers by Mrs. D------. If it was not taken care of, please call XXXX.

I wrote back and asked why it was listed as "REJECTED." The reply came quickly:

It was only rejected because Mrs. D------ called the Engineers over the radio. Because she took care of it, it was no need for a work order.

But since it's still cold in here this morning, I called Mrs. D------. She said they would send an engineer over.

The engineer just arrived. I made a point of shaking his hand, because I knew that he would remark on how cold my fingerws were -- which he did. He agreed that it was cold in my office and said that he would make an adjustment. I expressed concern about other rooms and suites of offices on this floor, because I had been told in the past that the entire floor is on a single control, and that to make us warm would make the people on the other side intolerably hot. But the engineer assured me that the floor was divided into multiple separate controls. he even said he would stop in next door, to the Languages Department, and check the temperature there.

Two concerns dominate the thoughts of one who fears cold, besides the obvious factor of temperature; these twin concerns are: Moisture and Insulation.

I've been reading about Raynaud's Phenomenon and Raynaud's Disease. Many people have suggested that I might suffer from this, but years ago a doctor told me I didn't. I'm inclined to trust her diagnosis. The coldness of my hands and feet does not come in the form of attacks. My fingers do not discolor. I do not experience pain.

I don't have Raynaud's. I just have cold hands.

My hands are cold. My feet are also cold, sometimes colder than my hands, sometimes warmer. The rest of me is fine.

Thursday, April 03, 2003
I used to worry about my "core temperature" dropping. But it is very unlikely that my core temperature has anything to do with it. Indeed, the ability of the human body to maintain the same basic core temperature for many decades is a marvel. I'm not going to freeze solid and die anytime soon.

I used the TMA iServiceDesk Web interface to submit a request to the Physical Plant:

Brrr! It's 68 degrees in my office. I'm wearing a sweatshirt, a sweater, a shirt and an undershirt, but my fingers are still like ice! Can you please help me?

It's been assigned Request # 9866.

Wednesday, April 02, 2003
The universe is basically a cold place. Heat is a mysterious aberration. No one really knows where it came from, but we're pretty sure that it is slowly going away. The universe is cooling, and in time it will chill out completely.

This morning it was around 60 F when I left the house. I was wearing a light sweater, a shirt, and an undershirt. After a ten minute bike ride to get to work, my hands were still like ice.

The air conditioning is out of control in my office. It's so cold we all have to wear sweaters. We all run space heaters in our offices to offset the air conditioning, which cannot be turned off or adjusted by us directly.