Oops. I thought we had a couple more weeks before we closed on the houses we are buying and selling. But when exchanging text messages with my Realtor, she mentioned a date much sooner than I’d anticipated, when I will in fact be at a conference and unable to spend the day signing papers. Then came the query: “Are y’all packed?” Um — no. We haven’t even started.

So now we are all running around in a proverbial frenzy trying to rejigger a schedule everyone can live with. Complicating matters is the fact that we can’t buy the house we’re moving into until we sell the house we’re in now, and our buyer really doesn’t want a post-occupancy situation. We are asking our seller to consider allowing a bit of pre-occupancy with our deposit as collateral. I hope that works.

And to think just yesterday I was savoring the delicate nuance of my mixed emotions over this entire prospect. No time for that now. Obviously I am preparing to enter full-on crap-in-my-pants panic mode. I’m certainly far too busy to assemble a mix for this situation.

Our move date is tentative at this point, but looking like Saturday November 7th. I’m considering it a personal challenge to see how many people I can get to help, under the well-known theory that many hands make light work. I’m curious to see what kind of crowd can be generated via the power of social network sites. That’s right, we’re crowd-sourcing our move! Ideally I’d like to have enough people such that each person only has to carry one item. But that might get expensive if I throw in pizza and beer as added enticements.

So much to do. So little time!

PS: On the plus side we locked in a good APR on our new mortgage: 4.875%!

  1. Wish I was there to help move. But kudos on buying and selling. Something aboutphrase “full-on crap-in-my-pants panic mode” made me laugh at loud. Maybe part of it was the juxtaposition with the subtle nuance.

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