I need a little break from reality so I indulged in one of my favorite fantasies, namely that of being a DJ on a freeform radio station where I can play whatever I want. Here’s the mix:

I used a super secret process to create a logical flow from one song to the next. (OK, it’s not that secret. I obsessively tag music in my library with keywords. I used those in daisy-chain fashion. Thus, “Free Association.”) Not sure if I succeeded, but there is a method to the madness.

Anyway, if you enjoy it by all means let me know. The problem with being a DJ on the net is that nobody listens. Or do they?

  1. i like that first one. i live in jax ms never thought bout lead but we might have some. ur little girls a good artist…in regards 2 livin in new orleans i’d say move 2 high ground like near the levee (end of General Ogden street). best 2 u & ur family

  2. Wow, Beth, you are really digging into the archives.

    Punk is an acquired taste. Or, no, probably not acquired — you’re either predisposed toward punk or not. Socially conditioned perhaps? I still remember hearing “Holidays in the Sun” while going down an escalator in Stockholm, hackles stood up on the back of my neck. I wrote about that somewhere else on this blog.

    But I’m glad you found this mix instead. Brando is awesome. They are from Indiana. I think it’s pretty cool you’re hearing them in London, and all legal thanks to 8tracks.

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