It’s official. As of about five minutes ago, “Chigger Bites” has become my most-viewed photo on Flickr, with 8,583 views and counting.

Chigger Bites

“Chigger Bites” surpasses the former champion, “Drying Her Hair.”

Drying Her Hair

I find that a tad bit surprising.

  1. I think Liz is right. A while back, by far my most viewed were of some of E’s students and us gutting houses after Katrina, and the pix of the female students in respirators were viewed MANY times and added to some groups I didn’t know about. Clearly a fetish thing, so I made the pix private (a little late).

  2. Trying to find out if when the baby chigger (larvae) falls off your body in a few days …does it live, and where does it go? Can it survive in your house, your bed, in the sofa … and can it bite you or someone else again?

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