J&B on Howard Stern

Yo, big props to Ian Cognito for unearthing this little snippet from Howard Stern’s show of April 19th, 1994.

Believe it or not, I’ve never heard this before. For the complete run-down on all the media hype of those heady days, see J’s Baked Log.

I can’t help but note that Howard and his crew manage the not inconsiderable feat of making us sound even stupider than we really were.

4 Replies to “J&B on Howard Stern”

  1. HammHawk says:

    Man, that’s wild. I’m glad to see that you guys have progressed more than Howard Stern. Does he owe you royalties?

  2. David says:

    Their riffing on Jackie was pretty funny. I used to listen to Stern pretty regularly back then. I wonder if I heard it live.

  3. PixieL says:

    Me too, Dave. LOVE Stern and miss him dearly. I’d be pissed if the King of All Media had called me Arsenio though. Harsh.

  4. Ebeth says:

    This is hilarious, Joe!!!!!

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