The Beyond crew has come and gone. They consisted of an Australian director, a camera guy from Pittsburgh and an audio guy from Metairie. They shot an interview with us on Thursday, plus some scenes of us walking around our gutted basement. (Earlier in the day they got a termite expert to examine our damage, but I wasn’t there for that.) On Friday they got scenes of Xy working on a gardening project with some kids at school. Then they got some shots of me editing ROX video and uploading it to (We had to fake it, because we still don’t have internet at home.) And this morning Xy and I did a ROX shoot, and they shot us shooting, and of course we shot them shooting us. Oddly enough Rob, the director, seemed mighty adverse to being on camera. Too bad for him!

It remains to be seen if viewers of their program will be able to discern the name of our program and the address of our website. They’ve got the footage to do it, but it’s in the hands of an editor in Australia. Hopefully there will be some collegial solidarity there. Us video editors got to stick together.

If we don’t get a spot of publicity for the site, I will feel burnt for letting them use our creative work (ROX #93). Actually I feel a little burnt already — they didn’t even buy me a drink.

Xy and I continued shooting even after the Beyond crew departed. I took the camera with me to our polling place and videotaped myself voting. It was really funny how this freaked people out. Taking a camera into the voting booth seems vaguely illicit, but I doubt there’s any law against it.

The voting went smoothly and there wasn’t even a line. Maybe Li’l Kimberley got her act together for once.

  1. So you guys don’t ever get paid for your contributions to the show?”didn’t even buy me a drink”,.you mean they just come ,shoot and go like they are doing a project on,say,a mountain?Sounds so unprofessional to me.

  2. Did they mention your full name? Googling on your given name gives this page as the first result, so I’d think that people watching the show might be able to find you that way.

  3. Dane, I think it’s pretty standard practice that the people you see in such shows do not get paid. We’re not “talent”; we’re subjects. Your mountain analogy is apt. I might have asked for a licensing fee for the use of our video, but I didn’t.

    Jon, they certainly have our full names, but I don’t know if they’ll be featured in the final cut with any prominence. If I have to rely on people Googling my name after watching the show, though, I’ll still feel burnt. They’ve got to see and hear ROX and — anything less is an insult.

    Oh, and for the record Li’l Kimberley didn’t have her act together. I heard the Secretary of State all but took over the elections.

  4. Took my camera in there and took a picture of my vote. For giggles.

    And I was just going to say that Al Ater took over the elections, which is why it went terribly smoothly. Although I had some of the same officials from last year.

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