Two Radio Spots

I recently made a trip to Indiana, as is my wont in the summertime. While I’m up there I always try to stir up some trouble. Some of my attempts are more successful than others. International Flag-Burning Day was a bust, for example.

But there is evidence that some of my other provocations were more successful. Audio evidence. These two pieces aired on WFHB yesterday.

Bart Everson, from Local TV Slacker-Provocateur to Atheist Religion Author  ~ less than ten minutes ~ “This month marks the 25th anniversary of the first episode of Rox, arguably the most controversial show ever to air on public access TV in Bloomington. The program generated outrage and calls for its removal during its heyday in the early and mid 1990s. It has also been one of the most popular programs on Community Access Television Services.WFHB News Director Joe Crawford caught up with one of the producers of Rox, Bart Everson, who recently returned to Bloomington in support of a new book.”

Standing Room Only: Can we derive a secular spirituality from the seasons?  ~ almost an hour ~ “On July 7, Bart Everson spoke about eco-spiritual practices at The Venue in Bloomington. A longtime atheist, Everson emphasized the celebration of living on Earth and the process of becoming better citizens of the planet. Much of Everson’s talk revolved around ideas also found in his book Spinning in Place: A Secular Humanist Embraces the Neo-Pagan Wheel of the Year.”


After we evacuated from New Orleans, I did a short interview on WFHB. When I made my first trip back to New Orleans, the city was still officially closed, and WFHB gave me a press pass. I did a longer interview when I got back, a full hour, for a program called Interchange.

It aired last night. To my surprise, I didn’t sound like a complete and total idiot — just a partial idiot.

You can download the program in MP3 format. But keep in mind this was recorded, like, a month ago. So much has changed since then.

Here’s the description from the WFHB News site:

11/8/05 – News Director Chad Carrothers spends an hour with former Bloomingtonian Bart Everson, who now calls New Orleans home…or at least he did until Hurricane Katrina forced him and his wife Christy Paxson, an Ellettsville native, to flee the “Big Easy” just before its utter destruction. In the first segment, Everson recalls his evacuation from New Orleans and timely escape back to Bloomington, where he finds a warm welcome yet worries about friends and neighbors who weren’t quite so lucky. In segment two, Everson comments on current ground relief efforts, including his own recent expedition back home to New Orleans to deliever material aid and survey the damage to his home and neighborhood. In our third segment, Everson ponders the fate of both his family and all families who bore the brunt of Katrina.

People often ask me if I’m “sick of talking about” our lives and the situation on the Gulf Coast post-Katrina, usually after they’ve been grilling me for a few minutes. I’m not sick of it, though Xy finds it wearing. Quite the opposite. I feel it’s important to talk about it. And it takes practice to learn to articulate.