Rainwater collects in little puddles on several of the steps leading up to our front porch. Ideally these old worn treads should be replaced, but that’s a lot of work. As an interim measure, before I put down the second coat of paint, I was thinking to drill a few small holes to allow drainage. I just hope that doesn’t create some bigger problem.

Story #27

I almost forgot — the 27th story on our renovation appeared in today’s paper, with a cool picture of yours truly working on the staircase. It’s nice to have a picture of me actually working for a change instead of just standing in front of someone else’s work with a cheesy grin.
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Varnishing Act

I put a second coat of varnish on the stairs today. I should say a big “thank you” to Celcus and Jedd who gave me good advice last time I wrote about this. I’ve been following that advice, sanding and steel wooling and restaining over the last couple weeks. The second coat did indeed go on easier, as predicted. A photographer from the paper stopped by to take a picture, which should appear on Saturday. I’m almost excited about the third coat now.

I ran into Celcus yesterday. I meant to ask him how he knows so much about varnish anyway. But I got distracted when I offered him a taste of my famous brandy balls.

Staining the Stairs

I’m taking some vacation days. Combined with the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s a whole week off work. That gives me time to do this:

Staining the Stairs

I’m staining a bunch of trim, six windows and a staircase. Even though I’m cutting every corner I can imagine, this is still a big job. Rising early, working late, I just might get it done. My current goal is to finish the staining before Thanksgiving and concentrate on varnishing after the holiday.

Some vacation, huh? But I am striving to maintain a celebratory mindset.

The big fan is coming in handy for exhausting fumes from the house and keeping our living space livable. A good friend warned me that stain-soaked rags pose a spontaneous combustion hazard, so I submerge ’em in water at the end of the day.

Xy thinks it’s all going too smoothly. She predicts I will kick a can of stain over and ruin the floor, or some other comparable disaster.