Rainwater collects in little puddles on several of the steps leading up to our front porch. Ideally these old worn treads should be replaced, but that’s a lot of work. As an interim measure, before I put down the second coat of paint, I was thinking to drill a few small holes to allow drainage. I just hope that doesn’t create some bigger problem.


Due to circumstances beyond my control, all rox.com e-mail is out of commission for the foreseeable future; however I do have my replacement Crackberry so you can call or txt me.


One morning about a month ago, Xy couldn’t get our car started, and she had to catch a ride with a co-worker.

I was all set to take it to the shop, but when I tried it an hour later, it started right up for me. So we dismissed it as a fluke.

This morning we had a repeat performance. Car wouldn’t start for Xy. I tried it too and it wouldn’t start for me either.

It had full electrical power, but nary a peep from the engine. Not a grind, not a click — nothing. Though you could listen to the radio if you wanted.

A couple hours later, it started up with no problems.

So now it’s not a fluke. It’s a pattern, and a rather aggravating one at that.

Other than this, the car runs fine. It’s a Saturn Ion 3 circa 2005.

What on earth could be causing this mysterious problem? We’ve racked our brains and can only think of a couple of common factors, which are probably red herrings. Both times, Xy had just filled up the gas tank the night before. Both times, it rained in the early morning.

I’m thinking about calling Tom & Ray on this one.

Locked Out

I haven’t posted for a few days because of weird technical problems.

I wasn’t able to login from home over the weekend, so I figured I’d try from the office when I got back to work. But Monday was a wash, with the entire campus cut off from the internet. Today, I was finally able to devote some more attention to the problem, but absolutely couldn’t figure it out. I repaired some database tables and fiddled with a dozen different things to no avail. Tech support even recompiled Apache and MySQL but that didn’t help either.

In the end I moved the data tables to another database and upgraded to the latest version of WordPress (but at a new location in the file structure). I’m not sure which of these made the difference, but something seems to be working. Maybe tomorrow I can even get my old template back in place. For now I’m really quite sick of messing with this.

Just keep repeating: Technology… makes my life… better…