A Samhain Saining

We worked a little magic in Mid-City today. We gathered on the banks of Bayou St. John and collectively welcomed a new person into our community. (What better place for a baptism than a body of water named for John the Baptist?) We sanctified her and gave her a name. We shared a pomegranate and toasted with beer.


Photo by Howie. More here.

Amazing stuff. I’ve recently become convinced that public rituals such as this, and indeed all celebrations no matter how large or small, have a profound power in them.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come. And for those who wanted to be there but couldn’t make it, we’ll count you present in spirit. I made sure to record the event so we could share the experience with our parents and anyone else who cares to listen. It’s about twelve minutes long.

Samhain Saining by Editor B

It was a beautiful day. I had a great time. It was sweet.

Our liturgy, or whatever it should be called, was something I cobbled together from various sources, a secular humanist/neo-pagan mish-mash. But I did write some parts myself, and I was particularly happy with this passage:

We honor not only our immediate ancestors who have passed on, but all those who have come before us, for untold and uncounted generations, beyond memory and beyond history. It is our hope that Persephone will see the entire human family as her family, to embrace the best wisdom from the traditions of the world, and draw upon the rich cultural heritage of every nation.

For the full text, I refer you again to the audio recording.

Thanks especially to Michael, Kalypso, Lily and Anna, Sebastian and Sue, Sean, and Howie, for their help with various aspects of the ceremony.