Green Convention

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

Over the past couple weeks, volunteers (including yours truly) have attempted to call every registered Green in the state of Lousiana, just to let people know that we’re organizing this convention on January 25. Our 2012 presidential candidate Jill Stein will be there. Don’t let the slick graphics fool you: This is a grassroots, seat-of-the-pants […]

Malik’s Money

Friday, November 28th, 2008

We got our Malik Rahim campaign sign, and it is proudly on display in front of our house. I chatted with Christian Roselund a bit when he dropped the sign off. He informed me that Malik’s candidacy has caught the attention of many Greens across the country. Some of them are, as one might expect, […]

Poetry Party Photo Collage

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

Dipping into ye olde hard drive, I found this photo collage I made six years ago. I still think this is pretty cool. I didn’t use a flash and so most of my pix turned out blurry, but when reduced for this collage they actually look decent. Of all the people who read and performed […]


Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

Four years ago I was at the national convention of the Green Party. This time around, I was barely aware of it before it was over. Preoccupied I guess. But Cynthia McKinney just got nominated as the Green presidential candidate, and she gives a great acceptance speech. Via C-SPAN and YouTube.


Monday, January 7th, 2008

I mistakenly told some people that Cynthia McKinney will not be seeking the Green Party’s nomination as a presidential candidate, but in fact she is, along with six other hopefuls.

Not So Greenless After All

Monday, April 3rd, 2006

I recently bemoaned the lack of any Green Party candidates in the upcoming New Orleans elections. But apparently I was wrong. Somehow, I overlooked Paul Mirarchi Massa who is running for Clerk of Criminal Court as a Green, according to the sample ballot provided by the Secretary of State. Assuming this information is correct, his […]


Saturday, March 4th, 2006

The qualifying period is over, and the field is jam-packed. Two dozen candidates for mayor alone! I’m sorry to say that no one is running as a Green. Les Evenchick is running for City Council At-Large, but his party affiliation is listed as “no party,” which is probably accurate since I think he quit the […]

Greens in the TP

Tuesday, August 9th, 2005

The Times-Picayune published an article about the Green Party’s new-found ballot status. I can only assume the crack about the “Anarchist, Cajun and Gypsy parties” is an ill-conceived joke. But maybe not. It’s hard to tell, since the Liberal Party, Christian Party, Confederate Party, Black Panther Party, and Aerosmith Party are given actual head counts.

It’s Official

Monday, August 8th, 2005

Today, the Green Party of Louisiana became an officially recognized political party in the state of Louisiana. Here’s to a greener future! On a personal note: Wow. I was there at the founding of the Greater New Orleans Green Party, five years ago, and in the thick of the aborted first effort to form a […]

House Party

Saturday, November 20th, 2004

Last night we had a house party for Adam Wilson, who is running for State Senate in District 4 here in Louisiana. He’s the Green candidate, running against an independent and a Democrat on December 4th. I’d say the party was a success on several counts. We had more guests than we expected. All the […]

Cobb on Slashdot

Friday, October 1st, 2004

Holy shit! David Cobb is on Slashdot today. I guess I missed the initial call for questions last week. Today, they feature David’s answers to the twelve best questions from Slashdot readers. (Well, I say “best” but actually they’re voted on by other readers, so perhaps “most popular” would be more accurate.) The questions are […]

My Ears Are Clean

Saturday, September 18th, 2004

The Green Party had a media training workshop; since it was at Xavier I had to be there for the duration. Attendance was not so good; in fact it was pathetic. Blame it on Ivan, or the fact that it was an election day, or both. Besides myself and Debbie (the organizer) and Scott (the […]


Saturday, September 4th, 2004

The convention was moderately successful, I think. But Xavier was a pain. Remind me not to do this again. I’m exhausted.


Saturday, September 4th, 2004

People showed up after all, over 20 in fact. Andrea Garland and some others spoke about Get Your Act On! Sandra Hester talked about her school board campaign. I was impressed with Hester; her persona on her television show is clearly an act designed to popularize her agenda. When she spoke today, she seemed eminently […]


Saturday, September 4th, 2004

Awrite, I got a laptop and projector set up in the room, put signs up around the building. Now it’s 9am, starting time for the convention, and there’s no one here. Except me. Seems like there’s only three or four people in this big old building. It’s kind of spooky. Maybe people took note of […]


Saturday, September 4th, 2004

The Green Party of Louisiana‘s annual state convention begins in a couple hours. I’ve secured a room at Xavier for the event, which was something of an ordeal in itself. I’ll confess I’m a bit nervous. For one thing, I haven’t heard much recently from the actual organizer of the event; I think Lee may […]

Forum. Threeum? Twoum? No-um!

Thursday, September 2nd, 2004

Went to a forum at Grace Episcopal Church to hear the various school board candidates for my district. Only there was a typo in the paper: They got the Canal Street address wrong by five blocks. So I had to walk a little further, but my tardiness didn’t really matter. The forum was getting a […]

Convention Notes: Aftermath

Saturday, June 26th, 2004

Saturday afternoon: Even though I didn’t vote with the pro-Nader folks, I did attend a “Greens for Nader” confab that took place immediately after Cobb accepted the nomination. The energy in the room was weird, to say the least. These Greens were going to continue working for Nader even though he didn’t get the endorsement […]

Convention Notes: 2nd Round

Saturday, June 26th, 2004

Saturday afternoon: We walked a few blocks to a shop that sold Fair Trade coffee. We got some sandwiches. We ate. And we tried to figure out what would happen next. The field would be narrowed in the second round of voting. Only candidates who had submitted a letter of intent, stating that they would […]

Convention Notes: 1st Round

Saturday, June 26th, 2004

Saturday morning: After breakfast at the Midwest Diner, Debbie and I walked over to the massive Midwest Airline Center, where the Presidential Nominating Convention was to take place. I registered and got my delegate credential. The other members of our delegation were already there, including Art, who was working at the Solidarity table. Talk was […]