I ordered a pizza for pick-up, but when I got there it wasn’t quite ready. To kill a few minutes, I walked down the street, and there on St. Anthony between Iberville and Canal I came across a cemetery I’d never seen before. The gate was ajar and I ventured inside. I’m wary of New Orleans necropolises at night, but this wasn’t the kind with above-ground tombs allow people to hide, nor was this an area frequented by tourists. I walked about halfway in. There was Hebrew script on many of the stones. I started to turn when a stone marked “Glucksmann” caught my eye. By moonlight I read:

Melanie Gorney and Infant

I did the math, and then I did a double-take. Apparently she died in childbirth at age 38. That’s Xy’s age. The proverbial chill ran down my spine. No, I’m not superstitious. I do not regard this as a bad omen. But I do take it as a reminder. Nothing is guaranteed.