Our Wedding

We actually got married twice. Once was a purely legal ceremony at the Monrow County Injustice Building. But that was just to prove to the family that we were serious. Our real wedding was a puppet show the following evening, September 25th, 1993, at the John Waldron Art Center.

I've got the script for the two act puppet show on floppy, but it's formatted for my Brother WP500 dedicated word processor. (Yeah, I got suckered in; all I can say is, hey, it was the '80s, cut me some slack.) I have absolutely no idea how to translate those files, but if I can ever figure it out, I'll put the play online. Here's a little sample, where the puppet representing me busts a rhyme to a hip-hop beat:

Oh blackest hour of my deep despair
Where is your deadly sting, now where
Is your venom, your poison, to end my pain --
The bitter reproach that racks my brain?
Yes, once I was proud and self-possessed;
I never was wrong and I always knew best.
But now that my heart has humbled my mind,
For days and for months and for years now I find
Just one face always and ever before me.
My thoughts revolve around her only.
C - H - R - I - S - T  Paxson:
When we met girl, it was no accident;
No!  It was meant to be,
And you were meant to see that you were meant for me.
And I can't prevent this -- it's relentless --
It comes on like a Khan named Genghis.
That's right I got a message for you dear;
Now I'm not afraid of making it too clear:
I'd gladly give what's left of my brain
If only I could see you again.

Photo by Rachel Whang. Thanx!