iTunes 9

I don’t have much use for most of the new features in iTunes 9 (released yesterday) but there’s one thing I like: Apple has added nested AND/OR functionality to smart playlists. Very nice. In fact I’d upgrade for this feature alone.


House update: Our initial offer was $9K below the seller’s asking price, which got us to a nice round number. We also specified they cover $3K of closing costs. They made a counteroffer, bumping the price back up $3K. We are accepting this counteroffer and making a deposit. Now we just have to sell our house.


Inadvertently deleted the dozen or so people subscribing e-mail updates via the Subscribe2 plug-in. Sorry. If you want to keep getting the updates you can re-subscribe via Feedburner.

One Cent Margin Call

Here’s a new one: I got an automated call from eTrade, asking me to call them about my account; checking the website, I saw I have a negative balance of minus one cent — generated by a one cent margin call; I was on hold forever, but when I finally talked to a customer service rep she told me to ignore it.

Weekend Update

You’d think a guy like me would be all over Tales of the Cocktail. (Hell, I should be on a panel. After all, I’ve co-hosted almost a hundred episodes of a show about mixed drinks.) But every year it sneaks up on me, and I find myself obligated elsewhere. This year I’m hanging with the in-laws, who are visiting from Indiana. They aren’t our only Hoosier visitors; Jenny & Herb also stopped by yesterday; we had burgers and sausages. But the really big news is that Daisy’s water broke last night (I got updates from DJ via Twitter) and she gave birth some time around noon today. It’s a girl, but she has no name as of yet. I find that poetic. I like the idea of existing in the world without a name. Also, I avoided killing myself on the ladder but was unable to unstick the painted-shut upstairs windows; I did successfully reinstall all the old burglar bars however. Man, it’s hot out there.