The (short) story of my life.


I was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, around the time of the first Superbowl, and was in fact named after a Starr player in that game. But I never knew T-Town because we very quickly moved to Greenwood, Indiana, a suburb distended from the soft white underbelly of Indianapolis. It was there that I grew up. Upon graduation from high school I lived for a year in northern Sweden as an exchange student. I learned the Swedish language. I also learned that I hate and fear cold weather. Upon returning to the States, I moved to Bloomington, Indiana, to attend the big university there. I liked it so much I stayed on after graduation. This is where I met and married the love of my life, Xy. It’s also where I started producing J&B on the ROX with my friend and bartender, J. Eventually I went back to school, got another degree, got a job, and moved to New Orleans. Xy and I bought a house here in 2002. We got flooded in 2005. We wrapped up the renovation in 2008, in which year we also had our first, last and only child. We sold that house in 2009 and moved about a mile away, but we are still living in the Mid-City neighborhood.

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