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August 5th, 2011 by Editor B

Not new music, but music that’s new to me. You’ve probably heard it all before. Or have you?

Recent Discoveries by Editor B on 8Tracks

These are the ten tracks I’ve been digging the most over the last couple weeks or so, including music by Henry Mancini, Damien Tavis Toman, and Devo. I love these with an insane passion. I had to share that love.

Actually there is one 2011 release here. See if you can spot it.

In other 8tracks news, my Study mix has now hit 100 plays and 62 likes. That’s almost double where it was just two months ago, which is interesting considering it’s been online for almost two years now. My other mixes are languishing in obscurity, but “Study” is picking up steam.

2 Responses to “Recent Discoveries”

  1. rickngentilly Says:

    as long as your jamming in this vein , check out burt bacarach’s title song for the movie “the blob”.

    a silly bossa nova called” beware of the blob”.

  2. Editor B Says:

    Rick — ’twas hard to find but I persevered and you’re right. That totally hits my sweet spot. Thanks.

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