Electric Morning

Some mornings the journey to the workplace is a boring old slog. But not usually, not for me. I try to make a point to stay alert to the world around me. I am usually on bike or foot, which is an advantage. Also, I live in the visually rich and colorful city of New Orleans. Even so, I can get in a rut. And I can be jolted back to alertness. Some mornings are just plain galvanizing.

Yesterday morning was like that, like a psychedelic trip of epic proportions.

And then, at Jeff Davis & Tulane, 10:30 AM: The most surreal sight of a decidedly surreal day.

Reject Work

Maybe you need to view large to appreciate.

Did someone slip some LSD in my oatmeal this morning?

5 Replies to “Electric Morning”

  1. Amazing sight. Great picture!

    >> Did someone slip some LSD in my oatmeal this morning?

    Blue Microdot, I reckon.

  2. True confessions: I couldn’t get both foreground and background in focus in the same shot. I just don’t have the technical camera know-how. It did take some positioning and focal fiddling to get everything framed up, but then finally I had to composite two images to get this. So there’s some minimal contrivance here, but only to compensate for my lack of skillz.

  3. PS: That Subman guy was at it again this morning. Also the wheat-pasted flyer would seem to be inspired by the Situationists who are near and dear to me.

  4. skrilz is skrilz.

    no way in hell i could patch to snaps into one.

    gonna email thay to my buddy in the ozarks who used to live here.

    will give credit. :-)>

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