Extra Money

February 28th, 2011 by Editor B

Got my check for working as an extra for HBO’s Treme. It seems the going rate for this kind of work around here is $7.25/hour for a non-union extra like me. Eight hours of that plus four hours at time and a half equals $101.50; after taxes, I got $95.77.

3 Responses to “Extra Money”

  1. Brooks Says:

    Even union extras don’t make much. As a non-union extra, you’re basically slave labor.

    On the other hand, your face belongs to the ages!

    Did they cater your lunch, or give you money for a walk-away?

  2. Editor B Says:

    They fed us breakfast and lunch on site. The breakfast was better but neither was a stunning culinary experience. They did have some surprisingly good coffee though…

  3. Brooks Says:

    Good coffee isn’t a given, so you lucked out. Maybe it’s a N.O. thing.

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