February 27th, 2011 by Editor B

I say we all meet here on the second Friday in November at 49 minutes before noon…


Who’s with me?

7 Responses to “1111”

  1. David Says:

    And do what? Something kinky?

  2. Julie (Marietta,GA) Says:

    Ok, you’ve got me on this one! What’s the street?

  3. Brooks Says:

    Flight’s booked. I’ll dribble hot chicken blood over y’all while you do your kinky thing.

    Oh, wait…..that’s 666.

    Never mind.

  4. rickngentilly Says:

    im in.

    ill bring some grub.

    whats the theme?

    cooks gotta plan , yo.

  5. Cousin Pat from Georgia Says:

    I pass that building every day on my commute (by bike or truck). What is the significance of the day?

  6. Cousin Pat from Georgia Says:

    Oh, 1111 at 11:11am on 11/11/11.


  7. Editor B Says:

    @David: It’s only kinky the first time.
    @Julie: South Jeff Davis
    @Brooks: Ha!
    Rick: Hmm, what’s good eleveny food? Two hot dogs? Two carrots? Two of anything vaguely phallic? Or four, I suppose. It’s only kinky the first time.
    @Pat: Add eleven seconds and it starts to look pretty impressive.

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