Family Portrait

January 10th, 2011 by Editor B

Ghost Royalty

Inspired by my old compatriot Joe Nickell, who is now an arts writer out in Montana, I commissioned local artist Jane Brewster to paint a family portrait. It’s based on a snapshot (above) taken by a random passing neighbor. The painting (below) captures the magic of the original moment and inscribes it to a deeper level. It was the perfect Solstice gift for our whole family, and it’s now hanging in our living room. Thank you, Jane. You’re the best.

Ghost Royalty

4 Responses to “Family Portrait”

  1. Wendy Westfaul Says:

    That is awesome! :) How special is that!? :)


  2. Anne Says:

    That’s a lovely idea and a lovely portrait.

  3. David Says:

    Very nice!

  4. b.rox » Archive » Mardi Maigre Says:

    […] been feeling better, if we’d really done it up, we would have taken a wagon and featured our original Brewster watercolor, which would have added a whole ‘nother dimension. But alas it was not to […]

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