What Goes Around

September 14th, 2010 by Editor B

It’s not just a sign — it’s a kinetic sculpture.

This was constructed by Peter Hickman and friends at the place where the Jeff Davis neutral ground intersects the Lafitte Corridor at the foot of Bayou St. John.

It is propelled by the wind. In my personal opinion, it’s a perfect expression of community desire for the greenway which we hope will be created here soon.

For more info about the Lafitte Corridor and the greenway see folc-nola.org

2 Responses to “What Goes Around”

  1. Jack Schick Says:

    Just ta let ya know, B….the graphic link is disrupted on “What Goes Around”…
    Hope to see it soon.

  2. Jack Schick Says:

    There, now it came up…a video…Hokay…

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