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  1. I don’t see you as a white egg kinda guy B, what gives? As the animal lover I know you are, you should really look into farm eggs, or at minimum cage free. While I am a dedicated meat eater, I do care about how my prey is treated.

  2. Strangely perceptive, Lee. Indeed we have gone for brown eggs exclusively for many years, even though I know there’s no real difference. I just like the way they look. Speckled eggs are even cooler, but I don’t see those at the grocery. Even these whites are cage free, though.

    If I’d known such interesting deformities were hiding amongst the white eggs, I might have bought them more often.

  3. I saw eggs like this at Wegman’s (a grocery store) in NJ. Super strange! I kept looking through cartons to find typical looking eggs. Also, I am long time reader. I have family in Mobile and Westwego. I found your blog from NPR!

  4. The color of the egg depends on what kind of chicken laid it and has nothing to do with the chicken’s food source.

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