May 20th, 2010 by Editor B

I can’t take the blame for this one. That goes to Michael Homan. But if you watch closely you’ll see me a few times throughout this incredibly weird video.

Xy’s in there too. Also, Persephone makes her first appearance in a speaking role. I always thought that would be in ROX. Guess I’ve been slacking off.

I’m actually very impressed with the final product. Michael enlisted his whole family and a bunch of friends as well. It’s great to know such creative people. Most impressive: the costume which was designed by Michael’s daughter Kalypso. I wonder who the fool in the monster suit is?

Anyway, you absolutely have to watch this video.

9 Responses to “Geauxjira”

  1. Carol Says:

    I loved it! Persephone was wonderful. Of course it’s easy to produce a fabulous film when you have such a ready supply of talent! ;)

  2. HK Says:

    go get ‘em, P. “fire the hot sauce!”

  3. Maitri Says:

    What other actor can state that her first speaking role in a film consisted of the words “Hot Sauce?” IMDB this, bitchiz.

    Xy’s “Release The Boom” was pretty danged hilarious, too.

  4. Eric Paul Says:

    That drained every drop of urine from my bladder! Mother of God, wayyyyyy over the top! Persephone was a smash, as were you all. Of course, viewing the rise and fall of Geauxjira made me very hungry!

  5. rickngentilly Says:

    mo scocious

  6. rickngentilly Says:

    and the webby goes to…………………….

    hot sauce kid.

    my pal from algiers just watched this and i can honestly say p’s line is the first time he has laughed in weeks.

  7. Tim Says:

    Words cannot describe.



  8. Maitri Says:

    Still can’t get over cute little “Awt Saace!”

  9. Eric Says:

    That is just great – send it to Rachel Maddow!

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