The ubiquity of Facebook plus the end of Net Neutrality plus the conversion of the open internet into increasingly walled off proprietary information delivery systems is turning the public sphere into a much less free place than it ever has been and people seem to LOVE IT.

jeffrey on nolablist (walled off proprietary information delivery system)

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  1. Long Before MySpace, Facebook, and contemporaries, I chose not to
    go for the Yahoo account, even though this means I can’t participate
    in those Groups, as far as making and receiving postings.
    There were ID protection problems back then, and there NOW are
    even better reasons to reduce one’s exposure to the Central Scrutinizer.
    I hope you have a copy of Joe’s Garage, B….
    You will wish you had a “Walled-Off” reality if they ever mess with
    your ID like some folks that have been ID-victimized.

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