Kinder des Osterhase

March 26th, 2010 by Editor B

Get ready for Easter with this special message about the true meaning of the holiday.

Kinder des Osterhase by Editor B

Perhaps some explanatory notes are necessary for the mystified.

This audio mashup derives from two sources: “Kinder des Lichtes” by Wappenbund and “Easter: A Satanic, Demonic, Pagan, Roman Catholic Holy Day Which God Abhors (A Violation of the Second and Fourth Commandments)” by Matthew McMahon. I have not received permission from either party. Hopefully they will not hunt me down and kill me.

Wappenbund is a martial industrial project from Germany. Dr. C. Matthew McMahon is the founder of A Puritans Mind and the progenitor of numerous sermons which he himself confesses may be “a bit over the top.” What these two artists have in common? I find them both perversely compelling, though in very different ways.

Incidentally or otherwise, Dr. McMahon is involved with a beef jerky interest called Jerk Nation. Their slogan: “Building a Nation of Jerks One Jerk at a Time.”

See also: The nonexistent, evil chick called Easter from WorldNetDaily.

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  1. Jack Schick Says:

    Christ never gave us an indication to celebrate his Passion,
    other than the Blood, The Body, By this remember Me when you eat and drink.

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