With help from over twenty friends and neighbors we knocked our move out in just over four and a half hours. I’m still totally amazed by that. It must be a new world record.

Many thanks to everyone who lent a hand.

So now we are in our new house unpacking. And unpacking. And unpacking… I have heard many stories from people who are still living out of boxes months after their move — or even a year or more later. Those are horror stories to me. We’ve always done a good job of unpacking quickly, but we’ve never had a toddler to look after. She does complicate things.

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  1. Congrats on getting into your new home quickly and safely. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new place once your act of sale is complete. I was happy to see that you’re only a short distance from Salcedo St. too.

  2. Pictures for sure. Though it may take a bit. I don’t wanna take pictures of a hundred cardboard boxes stacked in the middle of a room. Must unpack some more now…

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