8 thoughts on “Obligatory Cuteness”

  1. She’s got a bee costume, which she was delighted to wear to Ghosts in the Oaks last week. She’d probably be even more excited about an owl costume — have I mentioned her interest in owls? — but bee is what she’s got. She likes bees too. Bzzzz.

  2. Heh. Y’know I almost didn’t post becuz I thought someone might think she was pooping or holding her bladder. She’s not actually — she’s in the act of sitting down with hands on knees, and she’s totally smiling for the camera cuz she now understands the idea of having her picture taken — but I have to admit it looks that way, and let’s face it, at her age it’s not a bad guess. And I’m glad to know I can count on my friends to go there.

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